Hello everybody,


Who am I? There is not that much to tell about myself. However, I don't like to talk about myself either. But for those who are really curios, here is a few words: Born and raised in Greece, living in a beautiful Island - Naxos Island. Started to take photos few years ago and still enjoying it. Also, I am studing Agrieconomics amd Food Society in the Agricultural Univercity of Athens in the School of Food, Biotechnology and Development in the Agricultural Economics & Rural Development

I have Diploma in Digital Photography, Certificate in Ethical Hacking and Certificate in Introduction to Bing SEO - Revised. Many creatives, photographers in particular, specialise in a single genre, such as Landscapes, Portraits or Travel. Having now dropped the shackles of technical work I'm free to pursue all types and styles of photography, capturing images that interest me, that tell a story others might want to hear.

So I specialise in everything! After all, the craft of photography is similar across many genres, only the story told through the images might change.

Wherever a story needs to be told ..


Thank you and enjoy the site,

Stefan Stavrianos

[email protected]



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